Military Women

April Military ServiceWOMAN of the Month

April Military ServiceWOMAN of the Month

Lika and her daughter

Makalika “Lika” Garner

Hometown: Lafayette, LA
Branch of Service: U.S. Army
Years served in the military: 6 years
Last Rank in Service: Staff Sergeant
Last Duty Station in Service: Fort Bragg, NC



5 Things to Know About Me

  1. I’m the 5th of 12. I have five brothers and six sisters.
  2. I speak French fluently. My parents placed me in a French Immersion Program when I first started school. I learned all of the main subjects; Math, Science, and Social Studies in French up until High School.
  3. I earned an Associate’s of Science in General Education from Troy University.
  4. I’m dual military and have been married for four years.
  5. My dream occupation is becoming a Medical Laboratory Technologist.

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Lika receiving an award

What is the ROTC Program?

The ROTC Program is a program that provides college students the opportunity to join the military as an officer. I was accepted into the Methodist ROTC Program through the Army’s Green to Gold Program. The Green to Gold Program provides enlisted soldiers the chance to switch to the officer side while also completing either a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree.

I chose to apply for this program to further my education and to further improve on my leadership skills. I have completed two semesters in the program and have two semesters remaining.

After completing the ROTC Program I plan to branch Adjutant General. I aspire to share my story prior to the military and in the military with other people. I want to continue to donate to non-profit organizations, and finding ways that I can help the community.


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