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At 'Girls in the Game', every girl finds her voice, discovers her strength and leads with confidence through fun active sports, and health and leadership programs.

Girls in the Game serves girls 7-18, so their programs "grow up" along with them!

One of those programs is Teen Squad. Which provides a unique opportunity for Girls in the Game teens to truly gain hands-on leadership experience. Teens train in the Girls in the Game curriculum so that they can lead healthy-lifestyle workshops and be leaders for the younger girls in their communities.

They also participate in Leader to Leader interviews with men and women from the business community. And they participate in their own personal development workshops such as the Teen Summit. Along the way, Teen Squad participants earn college scholarship money! Just last year, 92% of teens demonstrated higher levels of grit. And 95% of teens increased their self-worth after completing the program.


Here’s a testimonial from a Team Squad Participant:

“Because of ‘Girls in the Game’, I have had the gift to take part in activities outside of my community. I always lacked confidence in networking because I believed that I did not have a well-rounded character. Through Girls in the Game, I have met people with completely different life stories than me. My empathy for others has increased and I have grown an interest in seeking as many challenges as possible.” - Mily, Teen Squad Member




Teressa Boone at Book Signing